Patenting Dreams

In the steel packaging industry, the last step in the production chain, Nuevo Leon businessman Victor Quiñones, Concord Packaging Mexico’s president and director, turns his dreams into real world patents. First he developed an anticorrosive wrapping, then a robot to apply said wrapping automatically at the end of the steel coil production line, before shipping. An invention Ternium Mexico puts into practice in their facilities through a development process within their Propymes program. With two main production sites, one in Nuevo Leon and another in San Antonio, TX, his business transformed into the Concord Supply corporation, a service provider dedicated to integral packaging services and the production of anticorrosive packaging for the mechanical industry.

The aforementioned Propymes project aimed towards innovation and development through the TurboPak LAF packaging line located in Ternium’s Churubusco plant, then reproduced in Pesqueria and now under development for Usiminas Brazil. “This was not an easy task, first we needed to earn Ternium’s trust through all security filters to be able to safely operate inside their huge installations”, stated the businessman. “Next, proving there wouldn’t be any mistakes at the moment of accounting, bringing innovations that would generate savings superior to those from other businesses by 30%. This business remains active since its integration in 2015 with a goal in innovation and automation which, during times of uncertainty, helps positioning ourselves further worldwide, our vision being that steel packaging is the last step in the equation to connecting to production lines” Quiñones remarks.

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