Concord Mexico received award “Proveedor Seguro Ternium 2018”

MONTERREY, N.L. – At Concord, we know what it takes to do our job right, and like our clients, we know doing things right means doing them safely. That’s why our most recent award might just be one of the most important we’ve received. Concord Packaging de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. has been awarded the […]

Revolutionizing the Steel Industry: TurboPak

Turbopak Coil Packaging System is the brand new revolutionary technology developed and introduced by Concord for the steel coil manufacturing and processing industry. Concord Coil TurboPak is a system and packaging method that revolutionizes current steel coil packaging methods. For the first time ever, both the patented ConcordTubeShape method and Concord TurboPak system combine to […]

Patenting Dreams

In the steel packaging industry, the last step in the production chain, Nuevo Leon businessman Victor Quiñones, Concord Packaging Mexico’s president and director, turns his dreams into real world patents. First he developed an anticorrosive wrapping, then a robot to apply said wrapping automatically at the end of the steel coil production line, before shipping. […]

ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Concord Supply received ISO 9001 certification, this being proof of Concord’s commitment to improving our products and services’ quality.

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